• Precision CNC Turning, Milling, Machining Services

    We specialize in machining and manufacturing of precision parts and assembly components. Our precision CNC machining equipment and rich experience enable us to meet the needs of a broad range of customer applications. We also offer a variety of secondary processing services according to your requirements.

  • CNC Spring Forming & Wire Form Manufacturing Services

    We specialize in manufacturing various complex shapes of springs and wires, as well as providing all kinds of surface treatment secondary processing services.

  • Customization / Optimization / Solutions

    Our engineering team has well experienced in mechanism and industrial design capabilities, we offer customized design services, quality improvement, performance improvement, cost optimization, according to your requirements.

  • ODM / OEM Services

    We have excellent equipment and team members, we offer a full range of services from design project cooperation, prototype sample making, components manufacturing, inspection and testing, fixture making Quality Assurance / Quality Management System.

  • Laser Engraving Services

    We have precision laser engraving equipment and provide laser engraving services for various materials.

  • Molded Parts Manufacturing Services

    We provide manufacturing services and quality management of molded parts, such as aluminum extrusion parts / forged Parts / cast parts /powdered metal parts / stamped parts / plastic parts / rubber & silicone parts / vacuum formed parts.

  • Assembly and Packaging Services

    Our one-stop service assists to reduce your transportation costs and other risks, provide great flexibility, quicker quality and performance improvement.