The precision machining capability is recognized by international manufacturers and can serve various CNC machining methods, such as
Turning, milling, grinding, turning of external threads, reaming, boring, drilling, tapping, aluminum extrusion, die casting, forging, stamping ... etc.
And a variety of surface treatment through-train services, such as heat treatment, black dyeing, anode treatment, electroplating, chrome plating.
Processing industry / products include:
Bicycle parts, locomotive parts, auto parts, aerospace parts, remote control car parts, remote control aircraft parts, ATV parts, ATV parts, medical equipment parts.

Processing material:
Aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy ... etc.
Aluminum processing, aluminum alloy processing, aluminum-magnesium alloy processing, stainless steel processing, titanium alloy processing ... etc.

Aerospace aluminum alloy
7075 aluminum alloy / 6061 aluminum alloy / 6063 aluminum alloy / 2024 aluminum alloy / 5052 aluminum alloy
2090 aluminum alloy / 2124 aluminum alloy / 2195 aluminum alloy / 2219 aluminum alloy / 2324 aluminum alloy
6013 aluminum alloy / 7050 aluminum alloy / 7055 aluminum alloy / 7150 aluminum alloy / 7475 aluminum alloy

Nautical aluminum alloy
5052 aluminum alloy / 5083 aluminum alloy / 5086 aluminum alloy / 6061 aluminum alloy / 6063 aluminum alloy

Forging aluminum alloy
1000 series / 2000 series / 3000 series / 4000 series / 5000 series / 6000 series / 7000 series / 8000 series

Aluminum alloy for casting
1xx.x series / 2xx.x series / 3xx.x series / 4xx.x series / 5xx.x series / 6xx.x series / 7xx.x series / 8xx.x series / 9xx.x series

OEM also has ODM capability, which can provide a small amount of difficult processing.

Production of CNC Equipment

Star SR-20J
Star SB-20R
PLG 52

Spring Production Equipment
CNC Universal Spring Forming Machines
CNC Coil Spring Forming Machine
Automatic spring Testing Machine

Other Devices
Wire Straightening Machine
Universal Bending Machine
Spring Heat Treatment Equipment
All kinds of deaning Equipment
Hydraulic Press Machine
Blister Packaging Machine
Shrink Packaging Machine

Check equipment
Hardness Testing Machine
Surface Roughness Measuring Machine
CNC Video Measuring Machine Travel XYZ
All Kinds of Gauges

Whether you are looking for CNC processing plants, metal processing plants, metal foundries, precision processing plants,
Parts processing, metal processing, aerospace processing, automotive parts processing, locomotive parts processing, forging processing,
Bicycle parts processing, locomotive parts processing, automotive parts processing, aerospace parts processing, medical parts processing, medical equipment parts processing,
Remote control car parts processing, remote control aircraft parts processing, ATV parts processing, ATV parts processing.
All kinds of precision processing services, OEM processing services, ODM processing services,
CHIN DA PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. possesses strong precision processing and design capabilities.